Designed to snap together and install easily, LUX V-Groove Cladding panels make for a beautiful, modern, and efficient cladding product.

V-Grooves, Soffit, Fascia & Siding Products

LUX Steel is durable enough to withstand even the harshest weather conditions and is used in all our cladding products. The LUX V-Groove has been installed on countless projects, ranging from small siding additions on residential projects to large-scale commercial and multi-family cladding projects. The V-Groove is a cold-rolled Galvalume (ASTM A792) steel product produced in a very thick gauge, meaning it’s very strong, extremely weather-resistant, and provides significant savings over any aluminum extruded siding product. It carries a premium true KYNAR500 (PVDF) paint finish in a broad range of woodgrain, metallic, textured and solid colour finishes, upgrading your next cladding project from a simple metal siding addition to a stunning installation complete with the warm woodgrain colours that suit your needs.

As a cladding product, it installs easily, has a class A fireproof rating, and has a 40-year finish warranty!

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Why Choose LUX?

LUX Architectural Products has quickly become a leading force in the cladding industry. We offer numerous benefits and advantages over the competition such as a large collection of certifications, easy installation of our cladding products, and much more. Not only are all LUX products manufactured in Canada, which decreases wait times on shipping, but we offer more features at a higher quality than any other siding product at its price point. We use 24 Gauge Galvalume Coated (ASTM A792) Steel – this means you are getting durable steel cladding products that will stand the test of time. Also, because we make our cladding out of steel, they are non-combustible (Class A Fire Rating), impervious to insects and plant growth (such as moss), easily pass wind load tests, have a low expansion & contraction coefficient, and does not peel or warp. Not to mention the impressive selection of woodgrain, textures, and colours available for all our cladding products!

LUX also manufactures products that are far more sustainable than other cladding products on the market. Our cladding will require much less maintenance and replacement than siding made of traditional materials such as wood or aluminum. Furthermore, most cladding products ship in preset lengths. At LUX, we produce custom siding lengths anywhere from 4’ to 24’. By cutting down on wasted siding product, this is both an environmental and cost-saving advantage.

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