The Random Plank is a product of meticulous craftsmanship that joins together easily to form a sophisticated architectural panel. 

LUX Random Plank joins together beautifully and has endless options for trimming corners and ending runs. This means expansive uninterrupted cladding runs with corners that accommodate the same recessed colour as the rest of the cladding. Available in all colours with your choice of joiner strip colour, the design opportunities are endless with the amazing Random Plank.


How it
How it
How it is sold.
The Colours.
The Technical.


Simple, Stunning, & Timeless

How it looks.

The aesthetic of the LUX Random Plank is contemporary but leans heavily on the timeless elements of the Mid-Century Modern architecture that is so timeless in its appeal. Unlike the now priceless woods of the time, Random Plank is created with KYNAR500 Painted Steel meaning it is more affordable, will last far longer and requires no maintenance.


Easy to install & stunningly finished

LUX Random Plank – How it works.

The LUX Random Plank®  is a comprehensive system designed to remain architecturally refined regardless of the corners to terminations that it encounters. A complete line of trims and carefully designed joiners ensure that a clean and durable installation is simple and efficient.

To gain a better understanding of how the system works please click the link to our installation downloads page and review our beautifully executed installation animation below.

Click the link to view the Random Plank Installation Video

Or, download the LUX Installation Guides


Brilliantly bespoke because every project and every order are special.

How it is sold.

The LUX Random Plank is made to order as there are so many custom possibilities. Each order is skillfully created so it can be beautifully made but without delay.

The Random Plank comes in 10′ and 13′ lengths with trims to accommodate the design.

The vast and superbly designed trims provide excellent finishing opportunities for virtually any challenging project. Although designed to work as the complete system, the great thing about all LUX products is that if you need a custom trim or flashing, we can make it!

To find out more on ordering your Random Plank contact us for more information and to find a dealer in your area.



Random Plank Colours.

The Random Plank is available in ALL of the LUX Colours.

The great thing about the LUX Random Plank, other than its sophisticated design, is the extensive selection of colours available.

To add to that is the option to choose the colour of your spacer strip.

This leads to almost endless design possibilities for the Random Plank and supports the design process by allowing for complementary or contrasting colours to facilitate the perfect aesthetic for your projects.

The diagram below shows the two pieces that you can choose colours for: 


The Random Plank has all the performance LUX is famous for, including a 40 Year Non-Prorated Warranty

The Technical.

LUX Architectural Products are extensively certified and tested so you can count on them to perform beyond expectation!

LUX has been Certified through the Government of Canada via the National Research Council of Canada. The NRC oversees the Canadian Construction Materials Certification which is a rigorous set of tests to prove a building product can meet stringent quality criteria. The LUX CCMC number is CCMC: 14137-L

LUX meets and conforms to the CGSB-93.4-92 as per standards Council of Canada, National Research Council Canada, National Building Code of Canada.

LUX passes the CAN/ULC S102-10 with ZERO Flame Spread and a 5/100 smoke rating, making it a Class A rating.

LUX passes the National Research Council of Canada – Wind Load Test with “…no permanent deflection or visually apparent degradation was observed in the cladding.”

LUX passes the ASTM B117 Salt Spray Test and can be used on all your coastal projects!

For more tests and to download information please go to our Resources page or click the link below.

If you want to use RANDOM PLANK on your next project or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!