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West Coast Natural Series

LUX Architectural Products is proud to present our newest colour series, the West Coast Natural Series.

The LUX West Coast Natural Series is a collection of beautiful and intricately designed siding options that are perfect for homeowners, builders, and architects looking to bring the natural beauty of the West Coast forests into their projects.

This series is inspired by the lush and varied landscapes of the Pacific North West and designed to mimic the look of natural wood, but with all the benefits of modern metal siding.

Inspired by the forests of the Pacific North West, this series provides the availability of rich, warm woodgrain as a metal cladding solution in impressive realism.


Heartwood is available in the following products


Fawn is available in the following products


Mahogany is available in the following products


Hemlock is available in the following products


Charwood is available in the following products


Ironwood is available in the following products

FEATURED Project: The Pacific Bin

Built from five intermodal containers in the foothills of the Cascade Mountains, The Bin is truly a one-of-a-kind vacation home located in Sultan, WA.

The Bin offers 1600 square feet of interior space and 900 square feet of exterior deck space, sleeps 7 adults, one king bed, one full bed and 3 twin beds. The Bin boasts a large full service kitchen, hot tub, steam shower, private hiking trails, multilevel large wrap-around deck, indoor fireplace, outdoor firepit, helicopter landing zone, and so much more!

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