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Ready to order some LUX? This is where you can get started!


If you’re having trouble downloading the form, reach out to us and we will email the form to you.

The fillable PDF form is an efficient and comprehensive form that actively calculates your order and gives you a ready-to-send form with all your product totals on it. The form has been designed to help our new clients with their very first order, while also being robust enough for our long-time clients to order their LUX products, even for their biggest projects.

To use the order form, simply download and save it. You can then fill out your order for the products, trims, colours and tools you would like to use for your project. Then you can simply submit it to our orders email address through the button on the last page of the document. The form can also be printed and filled out manually and then you can fax, scan, or even photograph the pages to submit it. We will then review the form, and a member of our national sales team will contact you to complete the process.

There are some very important details and instructions about the form on the cover page, so be sure to review it before completing your order form.