LUX has an expansive line of finishing trims to keep your designs looking sleek and stylish.

Building Perfection

LUX has a vast selection of trims and finishing pieces to help you achieve design perfection for any project.

LUX Architectural Products prides itself on innovation in the manufacturing process and on the high level of finish required for contemporary design projects. The LUX trims are the epitome of function complimenting form and are a key component of the great success of LUX Architectural Products. With clean lines and ease of installation, our expansive line of trims and trim finishing products will provide a clean and considered design aesthetic for all your projects that require trim.

Below are downloads of the complete list of fascia profiles & trims, with dimensions included, or a simple list of available trims, to keep on hand for reference.

LUX CADdetails

Download high-quality CAD drawings, specifications and related documents for our trims. The CADdetails program is developed specifically for design professionals with the goal of getting manufacturer-specific product information into their working plans.


View and download LUX Architectural Products Finishing Trims below!

LUX Roll-Formed Two Piece J-Trim

Roll Formed Two Piece J-Channel #799

LUX Roll-Formed Two Piece J-Trim

Roll Formed One Piece J-Channel #733

LUX Snap-T Outside Corner #714

Snap-T Outside Corner #714

Two Piece J-Channel #715

Two Piece J-Channel #715

Snap-T Inside Corner #717

Snap-T Inside Corner #717

Two Piece Joiner J #718

Two Piece Joiner J #718


Top J Channel Insert #704

Top J Channel Insert #704

Bottom J Receiver #713

Bottom J Receiver #713

Snap-T Outside Corner Insert #723

Snap-T Outside Corner Insert #723

Snap-T Outside Corner Base #724

Snap-T Outside Corner Base #724

L-Trim #842

Under Window Dripcap #700021