LUX Privacy Fence

If you love the warm look of natural wood but want to avoid the frustrating reoccurring fence maintenance involved, if you have to comply with non-combustible home fence requirements, or just want a contemporary fence installation that will stand the test of time, look no further than LUX fencing.

Our state-of-the-art fence products can be installed with or without spacers and in any one of our beautiful LUX colours, offering a level of customization and versatility unavailable with traditional fence materials. Whether you’re accenting a sleek modern home with an equally refined fence partition or adding a touch of knotty wood textures to take your outdoor leisure area to the next level, the ingenious design of the LUX fence products makes it the ideal metal product for any fence application.

LUX Fence Benefits

When designing an outdoor leisure area, whether it’s a patio, pergola, or simply a space to relax, privacy can be an essential feature in finishing the project. No one wants the tranquility of their space ruined by prying eyes, unnecessary noise, or invasive pets. But a fence or privacy screen can do more than just block out undesirables. If constructed of the right materials, a privacy fence can add a flourish of style and colour to your space that lends to the atmosphere and aesthetic of the application for which you installed it. 

However, with the LUX, not only do you get fence panels that provide the necessary functions you’re after but our proprietary steel cladding technology will reduce the maintenance and repairs needed on your privacy fence dramatically. Furthermore, our fence products are easy to install and are an affordable option for metal fencing that will last through harsh changes in weather in ways that a traditional fence cannot compete.

If you’re interested in purchasing your own stunning LUX privacy fence or looking to stock our products for future fence projects, contact us today to learn how to begin the fence order process. 

If you have other fence questions or require more details about our fences, or privacy fence installation practices, contact LUX today for more info on how to order your fencing products today!