LUX Siding

Designed for easy installation, LUX Cladding makes for a beautiful, modern, and efficient siding product.


LUX Metal Siding Products

LUX products are durable enough to withstand even the harshest weather conditions. The LUX V-Groove has been installed on countless projects, ranging from small additions on residential siding projects to large-scale commercial and multi-family cladding projects.

The V-Groove siding is a cold-rolled Galvalume (ASTM A792) cladding product produced in thick gauge steel, meaning this siding very strong, extremely weather-resistant, and provides significant savings over any aluminum extruded cladding product. Our siding carries a premium true KYNAR500 (PVDF) paint finish in a broad range of woodgrain, metallic, textured and solid colour finishes, upgrading your next project from a simple addition to a stunning installation complete with the warm woodgrain colours that suit your needs.

LUX Siding installs easily, has a Class A fireproof rating, and our cladding has a 40-year finish warranty.

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