Smooth or Vented, for all your building needs

Smooth & Vented V-Groove

The original V-Groove Vented Soffit is by far the most stylish, integrated and versatile in the contemporary cladding industry.

This soffit can be installed either perpendicular or parallel to a roof-line and installs exceptionally clean with the use of the LUX Soffit J (#840) and a LUX Fascia. LUX V-Groove Soffit comes in the 4” width to retain strength but offers 8.064 Sq.Inches of venting per Square Foot. The 4” Soffit comes in smooth or vented and can be used in combination with either the 4” or 6” V-Groove Soffit panel. These multiple combinations and installation options provide an endless array of design possibilities and maximum versatility. Like all our V-Grooves, this soffit panel comes in all our woodgrain, textured, and metallic finishes and, like all LUX Steel, requires no maintenance. Get the familiar wood soffit look you’ve always wanted without the hefty price tag or ongoing repair.

Double 7 Two-Panel

Designed to provide maximum coverage and venting, while also providing cost savings, the Double 7 is a beautiful, warm and efficient panel.

The Double 7 panel soffit is an extremely versatile and cost-effective solution. Because of the overall 14-inch width of the soffit profile, the installation of the Double 7 soffit can be completed very quickly, saving you money and time on your project. The wide profile of this soffit product also lends itself to a refined architectural aesthetic as it is less visually cluttered and snaps together almost seamlessly. As a vented soffit, the Double 7 is unrivalled in the industry providing 5.376 SQ. Inches of venting per Linear Foot. In high wind areas or across bigger expanses, the Double 7 soffit installation can be supplemented with colour matching screws available from LUX. Because of the nature of the manufacturing process and the amount of material coverage provided by the Double 7 soffits, there are also cost-saving benefits to choosing the product which means you can use now you can install even more beautiful LUX products on your projects!

Looking for that Wood Soffit aesthetic without the price tag or reoccurring maintenance? Contact LUX today to learn more about our smooth and vented soffit products.

FAQ & Other Information:

In today’s market, vinyl and aluminum are the most frequently used materials used for residential soffit. However, at LUX Architectural Products, we use 24 Gauge Steel to manufacture all our soffits. This means you are getting durable, strong steel cladding soffits that are produced from Galvalume Coated (ASTM A792) steel. This material also has the highest grade of corrosion-resistant coating on the market, making it extraordinarily durable and maintenance-free. Enjoy the beauty of stunning wood soffit without constantly repairing or replacing the materials!

The only time you need vented is when your home requires ventilation to the attic. The vented soffits allow air to flow into the rafter bays. From there, it travels along the underside of the roof and out through exhaust vents near the roof peak. The airflow helps keep the roof deck cool, suppressing heat in the summer and preventing ice build-up in the winter. 

Like all our V-Grooves, the Soffit panel is available in all our 37 woodgrain, metallic, and textured colours, as well as 19 solid colours. And like all LUX Steel, our soffit requires no maintenance. Get the warm, inviting wood soffit look without the pesky maintenance and repair with LUX!

There are numerous benefits for choosing LUX over the competition. Some of these benefits include a high-quality product at a reasonable price point, manufacturing facilities in Canada, durable and maintenance-free steel products, and a 40-year finish warranty on all of our products, which is almost three times as long as any powder-coated aluminum extrusions or PVC products on the market.