Contemporary Architectural Panel Products for the Greater Toronto Area & Ontario

When it comes to innovating the uses, design, and applications of cladding, look no further than LUX Architectural Products. 

We work with creative visionaries, contemporary architectural firms, and passionate homeowners to push our impressive proprietary designs and technologies to the next limit, creating unique metal cladding and siding products in stunning woodgrains, textures, and colourways. At LUX Architectural Products, we are committed to satisfying our customers’ desires, and working with them to ensure that our metal cladding products fill those needs. With our unique approach to cladding products, coupled with our inventive designs, remarkable colourways, and sustainable manufacturing process, we are bringing our Ontario customers cladding and solutions that will last a lifetime.

About LUX

LUX Architectural Products is rapidly becoming an industry leader in contemporary metal cladding, siding, and architectural design solutions. This is due to our dedication to creative design, developing proprietary cladding and panel technology at an affordable price point, and maintaining a focus on creating cladding products and accessories that are easy to install and maintain. In addition to prioritizing design, we understand the importance of maintaining a dialogue with our clients and working closely with our distributors, suppliers, and installers to ensure LUX metal cladding products are delivered promptly, correctly, and efficiently. By building these important relationships with our industry counterparts, we have been able to continually supply architects, designers, engineers and homeowners with architectural cladding and panel products that push the boundaries of innovation and versatility.

To satisfy a growing demand for modern cladding and affordable luxury architectural products, a proven metal manufacturer with over 30 years of industry experience developed the LUX concept to provide versatile panel and metal cladding solutions throughout Ontario and Canada. We ensure our cladding products are able to be manufactured more affordably by refraining from using materials with fluctuating, market-volatile conditions such as aluminum, which is generally much more expensive to purchase and manufacture than steel. By utilizing steel instead, we are able to provide our customers with cost-effective cladding products with a focus on durability and the high-quality standard for which we are known. In addition to creating economical, luxury metal siding, our decision to manufacture our cladding products with steel means less strain on the environment. LUX Architectural Products are built to last and will result in much less maintenance, replacement, and waste when compared to plastic-based panel and cladding products that are disposed of much more regularly. 

At LUX, we adopt a contemporary approach to our cladding products which has allowed us to merge the traditional mastery of metal crafting with a concentration on modern and progressive technologies that have become essential in the current culture of architecture. The results of this synthesis are a consistent, quality steel product that simultaneously continues to evolve and develop while we refine our manufacturing process. From our ever-expanding selection of proprietary finishes to our unique metal cladding products that are unbelievably easy to install, LUX Architectural Products are quickly setting the standard for modern cladding and panel products featuring longevity, ease of installation, and versatility in colour and form.

If you are looking for innovative cladding solutions in Ontario or throughout the Greater Toronto Area, look no further than LUX Architectural Products.

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Metal Cladding Ontario & Toronto Product FAQ:

We use 24 Gauge, Galvalume Coated (ASTM A792) Steel to manufacture all our steel and cladding products. This means you are getting durable panel cladding that has the highest grade of corrosion-resistant coating on the cladding market, making it an extraordinarily durable product that is virtually maintenance-free.

Depending on the cladding or panel product and the availability, we offer 37 woodgrain, metallic, and textured colours, as well as 19 solid colours for our cladding products.

We strongly suggest hiring a professional panel siding or cladding installer for your LUX Architectural Products. If you are installing our cladding products and would like to learn more, check out our cladding installation and accessories resources.

LUX Architectural Products offers numerous benefits and advantages over the competition, such as the highest quality cladding panel product at its price point, manufacturing facilities in Canada that cuts down on product shipping times, durable and maintenance-free steel panel products, and 40-year finish warranty on all of our cladding and panel products, which is almost three times as long than any powder-coated aluminum panel metal extrusions or PVC products on the market. However, this list is not exhaustive. Learn more about how LUX beats the competition.