LUX Architectural Products Now Available in Vancouver & BC

Contemporary Metal Cladding for British Columbia

At LUX Architectural Products, we are innovating the way metal cladding is used by creative visionaries, contemporary architectural firms, and builders. By utilizing sustainable manufacturing processes we are bringing our British Columbia customers siding and metal cladding solutions that will last a lifetime. We work with our customers to ensure that our metal cladding products fill their needs.

LUX Architectural Products is quickly becoming the industry leader in contemporary metal cladding and architectural products due to our innovative and stunning products, available in 37 woodgrain, metallic, and textured colours. The combinations and configurations available with our metal cladding products are so We achieved this recognition by prioritizing design and maintaining a dialogue with our metal cladding customers. We have continued to push the boundaries of our architectural metal cladding products with further innovation and by building our relationships with architects, designers, developers, metal cladding installers, engineers, and homeowners. Our metal cladding also avoids harming the environment through the use of plastic-based products that are disposed of much more regularly than our long-lasting steel products

We embrace a contemporary and visionary approach to our metal cladding products which allows us to blend a hybrid of the old-school mastery of the metal craft with an eye to the emergent technologies of modern creative architecture. As a result, we are consistently manufacturing quality metal cladding products while also innovating, developing, and refining our processes. LUX Architectural Products are quickly setting the standard for modern metal cladding products featuring longevity, ease of installation, and versatility in colour and form.

If you are looking for innovative metal cladding solutions in British Columbia, look no further than LUX Architectural Products.