The V-Groove is a core LUX product designed to satisfy all your siding, soffit, and cladding needs.

Horizontal, Vertical & Vented

Designed to snap together and install easily, the 4″ & 6″ LUX V-Groove is a beautiful, bold and efficient cladding system.

The LUX V-Groove can be installed Horizontally, Vertically or in Soffit applications. This versatile 24 Gauge steel cladding is durable enough to withstand the harshest of winters and hottest of summers. The LUX V-Groove has been installed on countless projects ranging from small additions to residential projects to large scale commercial and multi-family projects. The V-Groove is a cold-rolled galvanized steel product produced in a very thick gauge meaning it can stand up to all weather and wind conditions. It carries a premium Kynar500 paint finish in a broad range of wood, solid colour, metallic and textured finishes.

Snap together fit

The LUX V-Groove was designed to fit snap together and install easily. Based off of well-known installation methods for siding, LUX has perfected the snap together design and the interlocking stability needed for contemporary cladding.

Soffit Applications

The LUX V-Groove was designed to work in virtually all soffit applications. The LUX V-Groove can be installed vertically or horizontally along a soffit and comes with optional venting.

Trims ensure LUX can easily work with other products.

The wide selection of trims and innovative design of the LUX V-Groove ensures it will easily work with virtually any other cladding product.

Working with LUX

LUX Architectural Products are designed to be easy to work with. There are many tools on the market that will work excellent to support your installation. More information on how to work with the LUX V-Groove can be found in the installation manual.

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