CCMC Certification

National Research Council of Canada Certified!

CCMC Number 14137-L

LUX Conforms to the CAN/CGSB-93.4-92 National Building Code

The Government of Canada, through the National Research Council of Canada, has created the Canadian Construction Materials Centre or CCMC. The mandate of this Centre is “Evaluation and certification of innovative building construction materials, products, systems, and services.” This rigorous evaluation standard is extremely hard to achieve and is the epitome of testing standards. To date, LUX Architectural Products is the only Steel Cladding Manufacturer to have achieved this qualification. Because of historically dangerous issues in the quality of some building products, scrutiny of your chosen building products becomes increasingly important. Many cities across Canada, and under similar rules in America, will not issue building permits unless the products being specified meet a government certified standard such as the one granted LUX through the CCMC.

LUX is proud to have achieved such a standard and to be able to offer our customers the security in knowing they have chosen safe, reliable, sustainable and thoroughly tested Steel Cladding Products!