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Here at LUX Architectural Products, we are committed to satisfying our customers’ desires and innovating the way metal cladding is used by creative visionaries, contemporary architectural firms, and those who construct our beautiful modern world. Due to the demand for our innovative and stunning solutions, LUX is now the industry leader in contemporary metal cladding and architectural panels. LUX has achieved this recognition by prioritizing design and maintaining a dialogue with our clients who include architects, designers, developers, installers, engineers, and homeowners

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New Cladding Products from LUX:

The LUX West Coast Natural Series is a collection of beautiful and environmentally-friendly cladding options that are perfect for homeowners, builders, and architects looking to bring the natural beauty of the West Coast into their cladding projects. This cladding series is designed to mimic the look of natural wood, but with all the benefits of modern metal siding. Each steel panel is hand-finished to create a unique and authentic look, and the colors are inspired by the lush and varied landscapes of the West Coast.

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