Welcome to LUX Architectural Products!

This may or may not be the first time you are hearing of us, but we have been growing by leaps and bounds due to the demand for our innovative and stunning products. LUX Architectural Products is now the industry leader in contemporary steel cladding and architectural products. We’ve gotten there because we believe in design and because we maintain a dialogue with our clients who are architects, designers, developers, cladding installers, engineers, homeowners, and future-makers. LUX was created to satisfy our customers’ desires and change the way metal cladding is used by the creative visionaries who generate our beautiful modern world.

As a brand, LUX was born in 2015 as the brainchild of the team leaders of a successful metal manufacturer with 30+ years of dedicated industry experience. The LUX concept was purposefully engineered to satisfy a growing demand for contemporary architectural products, that could be made more affordable by not using expensive and market-volatile aluminum extrusions, or by sacrificing quality and harming the environment through the use of any plastic-based products. Steel is the most highly recycled material in the world and our product is proudly made in part from recycled metal. Plus, we know steel – how it forms, its durability, to never sacrifice a gauge for the sake of savings, and how to put it together so it is beautifully seamless – we love this stuff.

LUX has embraced a contemporary and visionary approach to its products, which blends a hybrid of the old school mastery of metal craft with the innovative and emergent technologies of creative culture. By this we mean that we know what we are doing, we are not an unproven upstart, and we are consistently manufacturing a quality product while also innovating, developing, and refining our processes. This can be seen in everything we do, from our largest selection of finishes in the industry, that includes woodgrain, textured and metallics, to our unique Efficiency Series™ trims that make installation beyond fast. If you have been searching for a modern cladding product featuring longevity, ease of installation, versatility in colour and form, then we are confident you have found your solution in LUX Architectural Products.